Hello Pawn Shop Friends!!

We no offer consignment of your guns. If you want to sell your #2A item via us we will. Below is how it works.

We will book your gun in our FFL books, advertise it on app and our website. App has several thousands of people and website gets 630k visits a month. Your item(s) will be on there. COST you might be asking, $20.00 flat per gun. There is no percentage and if you want the item back you simply fill out a 4473 and your #2a item is handed back to you with a proceed from operator. You will be provided a receipt of manufacturer, model, caliber and serial number with date you brought it in for your records. If you take back item(s) before sale there is NO refund of the $20.00

**If interested come see Jeremy and he will get you set up** Please tell all your friends also. This will help make this store even bigger and you make some $$$. We handle it all!!